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Embracing the Bulldog spirit


Bulldog’s spirit embodies the convention-defying, stand-alone, ‘can-do’ attitude of Churchill and mixes it with the welcoming, eclectic mix that is modern, multi-cultural creative Britain.

Bulldog wanted to redefine gin. No longer the old crusty drink of the empire but a smooth, modern delicious spirit that mixes with anything – brought to life in a distinctive black bottle.

To raise awareness of Bulldog as the cool, edgy and delicious must-try brand, we created a brand story that connects Bulldog’s essence to a platform capable of translate its style, personality and attitude. A connected experience aiming to educate and excite a new generation of independently-minded, creative of spirit and adventurous young people about its attitude, taste & versatility.



Bulldog Gin

Associate Creative Director
Publicis Sapient - UK

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